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apple is to launch two new research and development(rd)facilities in China,Aiming to expand its presence in this burgeoning consumer苹果(Apple)将在中国设立两个研发机构,不断扩大其在这个蓬勃发展的消费市场的影响力,推动与世界顶级消费电子和硬件制造商的密切工作关系。whether this investment will reverse the trend of falling revenues,however,remains to be seen。

但是,这项投资能否扭转苹果的收益下滑趋势,还需要密切观察。In September,it was revealed that apple is planning to open a $ 45m research centre in Beijing,Employing 500 people tasked with the devent今年9月,苹果宣布计划在北京设立一个4500万美元规模的研发中心,雇佣500名员工负责创意硬件的开发。“it was announced that a further rd facility will go ahead in Shenzhen,Guangdong,an area often described as China”考虑到北京离主要研发中心很远,苹果研发中心选择北京是一件令人惊讶的事情。深圳是更可预测的自由选择,在华为(Huawei)、腾讯(Tencent)和百度(Baidu)也更接近。

the company has not yet announced how many employees will be based at the Shenzhen facility。苹果尚未透露深圳研发中心将有多少员工工作。despite some uncertainty about employee numbers,The scale of apple ' s rd investment in China is unlikely to challenge its Chinese competitors根据Sino Market Research的调查结果,VIVO、Another Chinese Multinational Smart Phone Company和Also Generated Sales Revenues Similar to those of Apple interface华为的移动业务在深圳总部雇佣了2万多名研发工程师,因此VIVO也雇佣了约4000名研发工程师,苹果的投资似乎不太可能引起风波。

one of the main reasons for apple ' s rd investment is probably diplomacy。苹果在中国开始研发投资的主要原因之一很有可能是外交。the Chinese government is keen to foster home-grown innovation and while western businesses are welcome,Particularly where they bring signification(大卫亚设,北方执行部队)。apple may also have some making up to do with the Chinese government,Following the media regulator ' s decision to order the closure of its iBooks苹果也可能需要修复与中国政府的关系,Apple ' s rd investment in China is not just about offsets,however。

但是苹果在中国的研发投资是为了修复关系。with sales in China falling away year-on-year the only route to growth is to collabo rate and work more closely with manufacturing partners Drawing on随着苹果在中国的销售额同比上升,唯一的快速增长方法是与制造业伙伴密切协商。

利用当地快速增长的研发人才资源。the sheer force of competition developing in China ' s consumer electronics sector makes investment in the area essential,Not to mention thethis is another area where apple will need to compete aggressively。这是苹果需要积极竞争的另一个领域。

To attract the best people,it will need to offer good salaries and incentives。为了更杰出的人才,苹果必须得到适当的工资和奖励。market surveys have shown that large domestic companies such as Huawei and Alibaba are the employers of choice for graduates。市场调查显示,华为和阿里巴巴(While western companies are known to provide stable employment on reasonable terms,prospects For career development are percent)作为世界上最有价值的品牌之一,在中国激增的商业活动会给文化和名声带来问题,因此要慎重管理。

the leading Chinese tech companies have a well-established,long-hours culture,which is unlikely to gel with an ethos that promoly苹果在中国要求这样的研发投资,指出苹果认识到中国市场是最重要的,中国缓慢的消费电子行业培养出了丰富的人才资源。whether it will be enough to address sliding sales and position the brand for market growth is uncertain,But the company will be hoping it sparks a虽然无法应对苹果的销售下滑,确认苹果品牌不足以适应市场的快速增长,但该公司不会期待打开全球合作和创造力。